Empower the World’s Future Leaders

With independently developed concrete pedagogies including The 7 Step Model for Entrepreneurial Leaders™, The Hexagon Model for Entrepreneurial Experts™, The Immersion-Lab-based Experiential Learning Model™, we aim to Empower the World’s Future Leaders.

Education forward to the future™

A World-Class Education Futurizing™ :

We empower the world’s future leaders based on our futurizing pedagogies. We present the “Personalized Education” for each student to get prepared for their future lives.

Instead of offering the alternative education which replaces the current education system, we provide the futurizing education which can harmonize and help our students to have the self-directed life in the real world.

  • The Future Academy™ (Pre & Kindergarten)
  • The Future College™ (Primary-Secondary)
  • The Prime College™ (Undergraduate)

Executive Education, Reimagined

A World-Class Executive & Professional Education™

It is designed to provide basic and advanced knowledge & experiences regarding Entrepreneurship, Global Business, FinTech, Public Policies, Digital Transformation including Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain as Digital Technologies.

In Seoul, New York, Beijing, and world major cities we give you cutting-edge knowledge, skills, professional networks, and strategic business insights with the professionals and faculties from diverse industries.

  • The School of Entrepreneurship™ (for Executives / Entrepreneurs)
  • The Professional School™ (for Young Professionals)
  • On-Demand Global Executive Education™