The Enterprise Policy and Entrepreneurship Lab

The Enterprise Policy and Entrepreneurship Lab conducts research on the creation and development of entrepreneurial innovation ecosystems at the national, regional, city, corporate, and university levels. Our research activities take place in Korea, the U.S., Europe, and other locations.

We collaborate with world-class scholars through a cooperative network to conduct periodic research, starting from problem awareness and situation diagnosis, all the way to alternative solutions that include effective execution management.

Our detailed research domains are as below:

  • Policies for Economic Development & Innovation(National/Regional Innovation Ecosystem)
  • Startup-Business Venturing & Entrepreneurial Management
  • Venture capital & Corporate Venturing
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership & Entrepreneurship

[기업정책 및 기업가정신 연구실]은 국가/지역/도시/기업/대학 차원의 기업가형 혁신생태계 조성 및 개발과 관련한 연구 활동을 수행 합니다.

한국-미국-유럽에 연구 거점을 두고 세계적 석학들과 협력 네트워크를 통해 문제의 인식-상황진단-실효적 대안-실행관리에 이르는 전 주기적 연구활동을 펼칩니다.

세부 연구 분야는 다음과 같습니다.

  • 경제개발 및 혁신생태계 정책
  • 스타트업 및 벤처 경영
  • 벤처 캐피털 및 기업 벤처링
  • 기업가리더십 및 기업가정신

The Financial Enterprises and Consumer Behavior Lab

The Financial Enterprises and Consumer Behavior Lab focuses on analyzing the corporate, global, and digital strategies of financial companies. Additionally, the lab examines financial consumer behavior based on data to develop effective strategies tailored to consumer needs and preferences, while considering the wider market and regulatory landscape.

It is notable that the lab collaborates with finance experts in strategy development, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and data analytics in New York, which positions it to deliver exceptional solutions for financial companies. This collaboration also provides the lab with access to advanced technologies and methodologies to support its work.

In summary, the Financial Enterprises and Consumer Behavior Lab plays a crucial role in supporting financial companies to develop and execute successful strategies that are informed by data and insights into consumer behavior.

[금융기업 및 소비자 연구실]은 금융 기업들의 기업전략/글로벌전략/디지털전략을 연구 합니다. 데이터에 기반한 금융 소비자의 행동을 연구하고 이를 기초로 금융기업들이 효과적인 전략을 개발 및 실행할 수 있도록 돕습니다. 뉴욕에서 활동하는 금융산업 전문가, 인공지능, 블록체인 및 데이터 분석 전문가들과 협력하여 금융기업들을 위한 세계적 수준의 솔루션을 제공 합니다.

The Future Education Lab

The Future Education Lab conducts research on education policies, pedagogies, educational methods, and educational content for students at the kindergarten, primary and secondary, college, and university levels, as well as for industrial experts, corporate executives, and entrepreneurs. Our aim is to provide a methodology for developing problem-solving skills based on real-world challenges, which enables both current and future generations to live self-directed lives.

We also conduct research on corporate learning and education for businesses. In particular, we support companies in fostering future leadership by cultivating creative innovation and transnational thinking. To achieve our goals, we operate a cooperative lab in New York City and Tel Aviv, Israel.

[미래교육 연구실]은 유치원, 초중등, 대학, 실무 현장 전문가, 기업 임원 및 기업가를 위한 다양한 교육 정책, 교육 과정 및 체계, 교수법, 교육 콘텐츠 등을 연구 합니다. 실제의 세계에 기반하여 문제해결력을 키우는 관점의 교육을 통해 현재/미래 세대 모두가 자기주도적 삶을 살아 갈 수 있는 역량을 계발할 수 있도록 그 방법론을 제공 합니다. 기업을 위한 교육 분야를 연구 합니다. 특별히 기업들이 혁신과 초국적 사고를 기반으로 글로벌 성장전략을 전개 할 수 있도록 미래 리더십을 양성하는 교육을 행합니다. 이를 위해 미국 뉴욕과 이스라엘 텔아비브에 협력 연구실을 운영 합니다.

Recent Researches

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem & Public Policy at Country / City / Corporate / University & College level

  • A Diagnostic Tool Kit for the Personalized Entrepreneurship Education, ICSB World Conference, New York & New Jersey, U.S.A.(2016)
  • Entrepreneurial Morass and Serial Entrepreneurship: An Exploratory Study of Korean Entrepreneurs’ Self-Reported Impeding Factors on Their Serial Entrepreneurship, Young-Dall Lee & Myung-Soo Lee, ICSB World Conference, Dubai, U.A.E.(2015) 
  • The Corporate Turnaround Supporting Initiative and New Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Korea: How the policy influences a dynamics of the enterprise ecosystem, Young-Dall Lee, Choon-Woo Lee, and Myung-Soo Lee, ICSB World Conference, Dublin, Ireland(2014)
  • Corporate Ecosystem and Company Law, Young-Dall Lee, Ministry of SMEs and Startups (2018)
  • Best Paper Award  A Comparative Study of Entrepreneurship Ecosystem International Evaluation Model, Young-Dall Lee & Sun-Mi Lee, The Korean Society of Business Venturing Spring Conference (Seoul National University) (2015)

National / Regional Innovation Ecosystem

  • A Study on System and Policy Improvement Plan for Virtuous Cycle Growth of Science and Technology-based Venture Enterprise Ecosystem – Comparative Study on Korea / US / Japan, Young-Dall Lee, Ministry of Science and ICT (2017)
  • A Plan for Rehabilitation Business Revitalization, Gyu-Soo Ha & Young-Dall Lee, Ministry of SMEs and Startups (2017)
  • A Study of Entrepreneurship Ecosystem on the National Level, Young-Dall Lee, A Korean Association of Small Businesses Studies, Entrepreneurship Research Association (2016)
  • A Study on the Improvement for World Bank’s Startup Environment Evaluation, Gyu-Soo Ha & Young-Dall Lee, Korean Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development (2015)
  • A Comparative Study of Venture Start-Up Policies of Major Countries, Young-Dall Lee,  Korean Venture Business Association (2015)
  • A Study on the Introduction of University Entrepreneurship Evaluation Model in Major Developed Countries, Young-Dall Lee, Ministry of SMEs and Startups (2013)

Economic Development

  • The Direction for the Trade Investment Development in Transition and the Tasks of TPO, Young-Dall Lee, KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) (2017)
  • A Plan for Revitalization of Business Rehabilitation, Gyu-soo Ha & Young-Dall Lee, Ministry of SMEs and Startups (2017)
  • [Start + Scale Up, Korea] Theme Presentation, Young-Dall Lee, 2016 Fall Conference for Korea Venture Business Association (Kookmin University), (2015)
  • A Study on the Integrated Model of Productive Entrepreneurship Ecosystem, Young-Dall Lee, Edward G. Rogoff, Myung-Soo Lee, Fall Conference of Korea Venture Business Association (2015)
  • A Study on the Entrepreneurial Competence Diagnosis Model for Enhancing the Effectiveness of Entrepreneurship and Startup Education, Young-Dall Lee, 2015 Spring Conference of Korea Venture Business Association (Seoul National Univ.)
  • The Emergence and New Paradigm of Silicon Alley, Young-Dall Lee, Fall Conference of Korea Venture Business Association (2014)

Consumer & Market Research

  • Beyond the Smart Banking, A Research Report of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain in terms of Technology and Business – OO Bank (2018)
  • Before Sunrise, The Future of Banking Business in the era of Digital Transformation. – OO Bank (2017)
  • Minimalism in Digital Banking – OO Bank (2017)
  • IoT, Global Market Research – OOO, Inc. (2015)
  • FinTech, Global Market Research – OOO, Inc. (2015)